Sales Network Operations Center (S-NOC)

Automated Transparency

Wish to have visibility and control over your Extensive Sales and Distribution network? Develop a highly efficient and automated sales and distribution channel by ensuring proper stock management across the network.

Got only a minute? Check out a quick video of how S-NOC can give you better sales & distribution efficiency.

Highlights of S-NOC: Key Benefits

  • Lean and comprehensive Stock Management with real time update of data at all levels
  • Optimize your geographic coverage and have timely insights to ensure the right amount of stock at the right location
  • Increased efficiency of mobile sales force by empowering them with a mobile App to manage their activities efficiently on the move and to ensure better engagement with your retail channels
  • Efficiently create and manage complex hierarchies between multiple entities in your sales and distribution network

Key Features

Capability to automate all activities of the most complex and extensive distribution networks end to end with over 1.5 million+ primary, secondary and tertiary sales entities
Comprehensive visibility and control of all activities and entities in the Sales and Distribution network
GIS insights: Get a visual perspective of your operations on maps, enabling you to take better informed decisions
Set targets, track achievements, incentivize good performance