Who we are

We are young, but only at heart

Enhancesys is a startup consisting of a fine balance of young, energetic and ambitious youngsters and seasoned industry leaders. We have built more than a dozen world class products from scratch and have had the who's who of global Telcos as customers in the past. Enhancesys is our endeavour to look at things from a fresh perspective, and we love the view already!

Why are we Enhancesys

The meaning of our name

We call ourselves "Enhancesys" because we enhance your experience of using the legacy systems in which you may have made considerable investments. Our approach is unconventional - we don't ask you to do away with it, but we give you a framework which will make it work, and that is why we are 'Enhancesys'.

Our logo

The secret of the spiralling 'e'

The spiralling 'e' at the beginning of our logo represents how we bind disparate data and information that may be spread across many legacy applications, and present to you in a form which is simple and elegant.

Our values

The glue that binds us together

We are a group of creative individuals with an entrepreneurial streak. We are passionate about technology and dedicated to providing positively exceptional experiences to our customers, so that they can do the same to theirs. If we are convinced that there is a better way of doing something, we don’t blink if we have to challenge incumbents or fight to change status quo.

Our Team


Cinque Terre

Atul Chopra

President & Founder

Mr. Chopra is a Chartered Accountant and Lawyer by training. He has built several successful international businesses over more than 20 years of very wide and rich experience in the field of telecom and Investment Banking. He was one of the key promoters and Founder of Lifetree that was credited with partnering with some of the biggest Telecom companies across the globe. Mr. Chopra, in his pivotal role as the Founder President of Enhancesys LLC, guides and steers Enhancesys towards a path of strategic growth. Mr. Chopra spends his time between India and Hong Kong.

Cinque Terre

Jennifer Wes Saran

Co - Founder

Ms. Saran has been a pioneer for women in the telecommunications industry. For over 16 years she has been in leading roles in Sales for Fortune 100 clients in US as well as playing a significant role in the growth of communications sector sales in Asia Pacific. Jennifer is a Canadian Citizen, living between Hong Kong and London.

Cinque Terre

Thomas Gibian

Co - Founder

A pioneer in Private Equity, Mr.Gibian is an alumnus of Wharton Business School. He spent earlier years of his career with Goldman Sachs. Subsequent to this he became the COO of AIG African Infrastructure Fund. Post this, he became the Founder & CEO of EMP-a leading Private Equity Fund focused exclusively on the African emerging market. He has also served on the boards of publicly listed companies as well as privately held companies in Europe, Africa and Asia. At present he is pursuing his passion in Education as Head of a leading Quaker High School in the East Coast. Mr.Gibian lives in Washington DC.

Executive Profiles

Cinque Terre

Deepak Srikantan

Chief Innovation Officer

Deepak, armed with an engineering degree in Electronics & Communications, started his career in 1994. Having hands-on experience in sales, product development and delivery in his 25+ years in IT, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder leading the Product Strategy & Delivery in his previous organization. In his current role as the CIO for Enhancesys, Deepak shoulders the leadership of innovations in technology, platform & services, business growth objectives and customer success.

Cinque Terre

Bruno Blanchard

Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Blanchard holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and combines this technical knowledge with his strong business expertise. In the various multinational firms that he has worked prior to joining Enhancesys, he led innovation initiatives that translated into business success. He is also the recipient of the Schlumberger Chairman award for Innovation, 2004. In his current role, with Enhancesys, Mr. Blanchard leads the key function of commercial strategy and business development.

Cinque Terre

Nandini Agarwal

Chief Human Resource Officer

Ms. Aggarwal is a graduate with dual specialization in Psychology & Economics from the elite Lady Shriram College, Delhi University. Also a qualified lawyer, she has years of rich experience in leading HR roles. Nandini has good exposure in dealing with employees from cross-cultural backgrounds and working in the global business environment. Currently she is the Chief Human Resources Officer with Enhancesys and drives the team motivation and performance.