Simplified Enhanced Customer Experience (S-ECE)

Panorama view

To improve customer service, you need to enable your agent with a 360 accurate view. Adapted to call center, S-ECE helps improve Contact Center response times and increase agent efficiency.

Got only a minute? Check out a quick video of how S-ECE can improve your Contact Center efficiency.

Highlights of S-ECE: Key Benefits

  • An increase in First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Shortening of the learning curve for CSRs, resulting in significantly lesser training time, effort and related costs
  • A reduction of Average Handling Time by over 10%
  • A future ready integration framework that enables creation of a 'Single Screen' application that is a one stop shop for managing 360 degree information of customers

Key Features

Web based, thin client and customizable user interface
Modular architecture and adaptive framework ensuring easy integration with various enterprise systems
Support on-line and off-line mode based on Smart Caching mechanism (US patent pending)
User management module to adapt data access based on user authentication
Minimize dependency on enterprise systems
Intuitive User dashboards